Step 0: Clone your repo on your server

This service assumes you have cloned your desired git repository (Bitbucket or Github) in your server and your user (in our case: deployer) can pull changes from your private/public repository.

Clone Repository

Step 1: Create a new project

create new project

Repository details: Fill in the repository and server details.

repository details

Step 2: Add's public key

Next step is to add our server's public key to your deployer user accounts ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file. If you don't have this file yet, create one and append the public key (provided in next step) at the end of the file with your favorite text editor. I'm using vi here.

add public key

Now save and close the file.

Step 3: Add a webhook

The webhook URL shown in the next step, add that URL to your repository's webhook interface. I'm using Bitbucket here:

add webhook

And you are done! Start pushing your code as usual and we will keep your server up-to-date.