How much does it cost?

It doesn’t cost you anything. I intend to provide this service for free. After using so many free and useful services, I think I could give back something to the community.

Is it secure?

I think so. We don’t store any password, token or any sensitive data. Even if the service is hacked, the hacker wouldn’t be able to find anything execpt the repository URL and server deploy paths. Unless someone finds out the private key of this server, your data is secure. We don't even want access your git repository, you've to setup a webhook by yourself. Also, as the site login works via Google, we store your name and email address only.

How do you access my server?

We access to your server via SSH with public key authentication. You add the’s public key to your server’s ~/.ssh/authorized_keys with a limited user account. Our bot logins to your server and run the pull command. You could revoke the access anytime.